The following initiatives and projects are recent, striking examples of SVI expertise successfully applied to specific focus areas. Notably, these areas can vary from technology, environment, aerospace, as well as outreach-related.


NASA – USGS – CMU – Senseta

In 2009, a collaboration between NASA (government), US Geological Survey (government), Carnegie Mellon University (non-profit), and Senseta (for-profit) was carefully assembled with the primary objective of integrating robotics, control systems, magnetometer, and ground-penetrating radar technologies towards earthquake fault analysis and forecasting. The project took an unexpected turn as when a crime investigation unit asked our team to leverage their skills and newly developed system to help solve a murder case.


In 2010, as part of SVI’s focus on environmental sustainability and ocean health, SVI brought together experts from the US Coard Guard, the NASA Earth Sciences Division, and Blue Ocean Sciences, a California non-profit kicking off a unique collaboration combining latest UAV missions with ship-collected data, and satellite data. Current applications include research into ocean’s pollution, improved data gathering for the vastly uncovered Pacific Ocean, as well as deployment of a sensor system for security and research using unmanned water surface vehicles.

International Aerospace

As part of a Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable Event, a delegation of representatives of the French Aerospace Valley Association as well as Toulouse University was hosted in Silicon Valley’s Sunnyvale, the home of a large Lockheed Martin facility. Topics discussed included the latest news on ITAR as well as status of European Commission and NASA Programs. The mayor of Sunnyvale opened the event and emphasized the importance of international collaborations

Solar Thermal

On the alternative energy front, an example of SVI’s involvement includes the early and current stages of Glasspoint, Inc., a solar thermal technology company with initial application focus on enhanced oil recovery. Approaches such as taken by Glasspoint will enable a smooth transition from pure hydrocarbon to an alternative energy enconomy.


Hands-on experience provides an invaluable opportunity for students to experiment with possible career paths. SVI is committed to engaging and inspiring the next generation of thought leaders. With many national and international students eager to experience the Silicon Valley spirit, SVI facilitates opportunities for student exchange and internship opportunities with partner organizations such as the Conrad Foundation, The Baum Foundation, and NASA.

Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable

The Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable (SVSBR) is an organization that encourages the growth and development of aerospace-related businesses in California’s Silicon Valley. SVSBR is a major contributor in the continuous effort to keep major projects at the NASA Ames Research Center. We provide input to leadership groups to expand the area’s business base by providing specific recommendations to improve the space business climate.


In December 2009, OPUS NOVUM participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Conference of the Parties (COP-15), held in Copenhagen, Denmark. While supporting the “CO2 CUBES” project by Millennium ART, OPUS NOVUM presented “BELLA GAIA” by Kenji Williams – a breathtaking audiovisual music performance merging art, science, and technology to raise awareness about global climate change.